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The British Tarantula Society
Great arachnid society and web site from the blokes across the pond.

The American Tarantula Society
Great arachnid society here in the states. I've been a member for 5 years now. The annual conference (normally held in Carlsbad, NM) is absolutely awesome. I encourage any/all arachnid fans to attend. You can't beat hunting for tarantulas, centipedes, millipedes, scorpions, vinegaroons, and solfugids out on a moonlit night in the middle of the dessert.

Rick C. West
Great site with lots of wild tarantula photos, many of species not even seen in the hobby.

Great Valley Serpentarium
By far the best herp store I've ever been in. Immaculately clean - both herp habitats and store, well stocked, and absolutely no smell. Most assuredly a diamond in the rough of the herp industry. Located in Lodi, CA. Well worth a drive if you're in range.

Leisure Time
Best prices for Kritter Keepers on the web currently. I use Kritter Keepers exclusively for all juvenile and adult tarantulas. They're sturdy and dishwasher safe, just turn the heat dry cycle down to low. If you see cheaper prices please email a link to me.

Thornton Plastics
The best plastic vials to use for spiderlings. I use these exclusively for housing all spiderlings up to 1.25". They're sturdy and dishwasher safe, just turn the heat dry cycle down to low.

The Scorpion Files!
This is the best scorpion site we have come across on the web. Great info & Pictures.

National Geographic Tarantulas
A good interactive multimedia site about tarantulas.

Home of Fig Garden Exotics
Tollhouse is a small town in CA with a lot of history situated in the middle of tarantula country.

Bob Natalini - Entomological Mounting
Professional entomological mounts for insects and arachnids.

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