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Scott's Tarantulas Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  Can I freeze crickets and then thaw them out at a later time for feeding my tarantula?
A:  Yes, I have several customers who have reported good results with this technique. If you live a long way from a supplier or only need to purchase a few crickets at a time this would likely prove economical for you. Make sure that the crickets are brought up to room temperature after being thawed before feeding them to your tarantula(s). Be prepared that the re-heated crickets will smell bad very quickly and if not eaten by the tarantula will likely attract phorid fly's. I suggest removing any food not eaten within 1 day to minimize and problems.


Q:  Why do you not stock THBLO (Goliath Birdeater) or THAPO (Goliath Pinkfoot) tarantulas?
A:  Both species are best left for experienced hobbyists. They are both high maintainence tarantulas that require precise heat and humidity control for them to thrive. Due to their high maintainence requirements they are not a good choice for a pet tarantula. If you want large bulky size I suggest getting a LAPAR (Brazilian Salmon Pink) or LAKLU (Bahia Scarlet). Both can get just as bulky and almost as big but are not high maintainence pets.


Q:  Are tarantulas fragile? Can tarantulas be hurt from a fall?
A:  Yes, tarantulas exoskeletons are quite sturdy however a fall can hurt them. In general terrestrial species of tarantulas are less capable of surviving a fall, they aren't used to impact loads on their bodies from jumping tree to tree like arboreals species can do. The mass of the tarantula also plays a factor, if the abdomen (opisthosoma) is quite large then fall's are even more likely to cause injury. If you do handle your pet tarantula I advise you do so over a soft surface such as a couch or bed. If the tarantula makes a move you weren't expecting the odds of being injured from a fall are much less. Arboreal species are quite adept at landing safely on their feet from a jump or fall, similar to a cat.

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