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Scott's Tarantulas Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  I have unwanted spiderlings. What do I do with them?
A:  Contact me, I buy / trade for spiderlings. I'll even take the common species like the Chilean Rose and Curlyhair.


Q:  Where can I purchase quality food for my tarantula online?
A:  In CA - Cricket Factory It's always best to find a reliable supplier near you, that way the food is fresh and delivered in a timely manner.


Q:  My tarantula died. What can I do with it besides just burying it?
A:  Freeze it, it can be used as a mounted specimen later. Fair warning - tarantulas will start to stink quite bad after just 1 day of being dead. My freezer is full of Ice-T's for future mounting.


Q:  I’ve got urticating hair in my skin. What do I do?
A:  Try applying hot water (don't burn yourself), repeat a few times.  The heat opens the pores in the skin and helps release the urticating hair.  Using some masking tape works too, apply to the itchy area and remove, repeat a few times.  The tape will help pull out any hair that the water won't release. Those 2 methods should solve the bulk of the problem.  Most cases of urticating hair itchiness subside within 1 day at the most, some species have more irritating hair than others. If you frequently have a reaction to the urticating hair of your pet tarantula I suggest wearing rubber dish washing gloves when working in the pets habitat.


Q:  I’ve got urticating hair in my eye. What do I do?
A:  See a doctor. Urticating hair in the eye can be very uncomfortable (personal experience), severe cases can cause damage to the eye. I advise people that handle / work with their tarantulas to never touch their face with their hands until their hands have been washed thoroughly. Putting a tarantula up close to your face isn't a good idea either, the urticating hair might get blown or kicked (if annoyed) into your face. Here's a link to what a severe eye reaction can be to urticating hair:


Q:  I've found a spider. Is it a Tarantula?
A:  I can likely tell you what you have found. Send me a couple of in focus digital pictures. They must be under 1 megabyte in size and emailed separately. Please be sure to tell me where you found it and in what state and city you live in.


Q:  Can I put live plants in my tarantulas habitat?
A:  Yes you can but be prepared to possibly have a mite problem. Live plants in general don't pose a direct threat to the tarantula in the habitat but sometimes other pathogens or insects ride along with the plant. Customers have reported better results in general with fake (silk) plants, you can clean them easily if needed.


Q:  Can tarantulas be de-fanged?
A:  No, they need their fangs for grasping prey and to inject venom.


Q:  Can venom be removed from tarantulas?
A:  A tarantulas venom can be milked for whatever purpose necessary however there is no permanent way to de-venom a tarantula without killing it. Tarantulas need their venom to subdue and liquefy their prey for digestion.


Q:  I have a mortally wounded tarantula. What can I do to ease it's suffering?
A:  Euthanize it. Put the tarantula in a plastic container and then place it in the freezer. It's metabolism will slow down and then it will die. Provided the specimen is not too mangled you can leave it in the freezer for a future mounting project (just make sure your spouse is told first).

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