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Thanks Scott, for your professionalism and your overall great service.?I still cannot believe you called me personally to see how my order had arrived.?That was really cool of you.?Totally different than anything else I have encountered online.?You truly care about your trade.?My hat is off to have gained my total respect.?On a similar note, I have ordered from your website twice and both times, I have been extremely happy with my order.?Speedy delivery, beautiful specimens...who can ask for more??You truly are the best.?BTW, Both my spiderlings are doing great.?I gave the freebie to a friend of mine who has also just gotten into the hobby and he is absolutely enthralled by it.  He plans to order more from you in the near future.?You're the awesome Scott!?Keep it up.?Take care and thanks again!

Fernando C.

I have had nothing but a positive experience when ordering from Scott’s Tarantulas. The three tarantulas were sent on time and I received a notice the night before they arrived with tracking information. Because we have a less than perfect FedEx setup in my area, and we were experiencing temperatures below freezing, the first order involved casualties. When I notified him, he called me personally. True to his promise to guarantee live delivery, Scott sent another shipment immediately, before I even sent back those that didn’t survive. As a first time tarantula owner I found his evaluations of the best species for a beginner absolutely vital in my decision making process. I can also attest to the fact that, at least for my one spider that is of a size that can be handled, the recommendation was very accurate. Petunia is very sweet and gentle. I highly recommend this website.

Helen R.

When my daughter asked for a second tarantula for her birthday, I didn't remember the name of the website that I purchased our Pink Toe from. I came across Scott's Tarantulas and sent in my question. I was pleasantly surprised to get a phone call back from Scott. He answered all my questions and soon there after I purchased a Desert Blonde from Scott's Tarantulas. The order was placed so my daughter would receive it on her birthday. Scott is truly knowledgeable and eager to assist. Great website, easy to navigate and highly recommended to any potential arachnid fans!

Terri M.
New York

Testimonials1  Testimonials2  Testimonials3  Testimonials4  Testimonials5  Testimonials6

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