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Being new to the hobby I did quite a bit of research on species and sellers before I decided on Scott's Tarantulas as my source for arachnids. His reputation in the industry is well deserved. Great selection, great communication, great shipping methods, and great prices! What else could you ask for in a tarantula seller? I only buy from Scott because I know he stands behind each spider he sends out into the world. Thanks Scott!

Jake R.

I became interested in tarantulas because I have so many allergies. I found the tarantulas to be very awesome. I liked their color, the different species, and just the way they look. My mom was given my first tarantula when he was 5 he is now 15 years of age. He is a Rose Hair Tarantula and he started my interest in tarantulas. Now I own 10 tarantulas! I have ordered 5 tarantulas from Scott. I live in Michigan & they have arrived here in a timely manner with no problems. Scott has even called me to see if my order has arrived.

Shawn R.

My experience with Scott's Tarantulas has been nothing short of fantastic. The product always arrives when expected, and is just as described. Scott himself is a very friendly and helpful individual. The customer service he provides is invaluable. There are always doubts when purchasing live invertebrates online. With Scott's Tarantulas, I take comfort in knowing that the prices are competitive, and the animals I receive are healthy and safe.

Letisha J.

Testimonials1  Testimonials2  Testimonials3  Testimonials4  Testimonials5  Testimonials6

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