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I have recently purchased 4 tarantula's from Scott and they have all come to us in perfect and healthy condition.  I just recently got into this whole tarantula thing because my son wanted one for his birthday.  I looked around at many sites on the internet and none of them had the kind of information available that Scott supplied.  For example when you click on a type of tarantula he gives you information that is extremely important to me such as if they are easy for handling and what they are rated at for speed.  Since my son is only 7 this was very important for me.  I also called Scott several times on the phone to ask all those pesky questions a first timer could ask.  He was extremely helpful and went out of his way to answer every question until I was completely satisfied.  I would recommend him HIGHLY to anyone who is looking for tarantula's. 

Mary M.

In doing business transactions with Scott I have found him to be very professional, honest and trustworthy in his operations and opinions. Scott has been very helpful and knowledgeable on many questions regarding the care, disposition and handling of tarantulas and spider-lings. Every shipment has arrived on time and in good condition. Every spider-lings has been healthy and strong. I will continue to be a valid customer and place orders with Scott's Tarantulas.

Theresa L.

If you have ordered from Scott at, then you already know that he is the epitome of OUTSTANDING customer service!

If you haven’t ordered from Scott, then let me tell you what you’re missing… Every time I correspond with Scott, whether it is to place an order or asking a question, he not only sends a return email almost immediately, but he will also follow up with a phone call to make sure my questions are answered. His consideration doesn’t stop there; when I place an order, he emails me with the shipping information, such as when to expect my order and my tracking number. Most importantly, my shipments arrive well packed and every specimen in superb condition!

You would think that the customer service would stop there, but not with Scott. He periodically calls to make sure that everything is satisfactory and that my spiders are thriving. You don’t find this kind of customer service every day, especially when dealing online and even more so when shipping something as fragile as a 4” C. cyaneopubescens or a ¾” L. cristata Sling.

In this day and age, I am sure you’ll agree competitive prices are nothing without exceptional customer service and trust. You find all of these qualities when dealing with Scott.

Troy C.

Testimonials1  Testimonials2  Testimonials3  Testimonials4  Testimonials5  Testimonials6

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