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As a new tarantula enthusiast, I was a little apprehensive to give my business to just anyone. However, after viewing Scott’s website, (which I have to say was informative, and easy to navigate) and corresponding with Scott via email, I felt comfortable and confident about sending my business to Scott’s Tarantulas. Our experience was a pleasurable one. I was extremely pleased with not only the spiderlings I received, but also Scott’s professionalism and excellent customer service. The tarantulas were well represented and shipped/packaged superbly. Scott’s customer service and support during our transaction speaks volumes to his business ethics and character. I recommend Scott’s Tarantulas to anyone looking to purchase quality spiders at reasonable prices. Thanks Scott for all your help, you can be assured that all our future tarantulas needs, will be sent your way!

Jason K.

"When I first began in the hobby I knew practically nothing about tarantulas. I wanted to get stated but wasn't sure what the best place to buy from would be and what I should select as a new pet. I surfed the web and saw many sites on the topic. However; when I came across something made me reach out. I'm glad I did because what I discovered was a great site to deal with. I spoke to Scott directly and he helped me understand the differences between different species and helped me select my first tarantulas. He was patient and very knowledgeable. He did not try to 'sell' me anything - if anything he acted more like a consultant that had my interests at heart.

After one of my T's passed away a short time after having received her I contacted Scott to ask what might have happened. He asked a few questions and then offered to send me another at no cost ! I was amazed. He is a true professional. I will continue to do business with Scott because of his outstanding reputation - at least with me.

Have no fears in dealing with this company they are truly great to deal with.

Peter M.
New Jersey

Just wanted to thank Scott in writing for the service he provided. Last month I purchased 5 tarantulas from him and he took the time to answer all of my questions on individual care of the ones I bought. He was even kind enough to do a follow up call to check how they were doing. All were shipped in a timely fashion and came as promised. I would most definitely use again in the future when I'm ready to add to my collection. Thanks again Scott, Kind regards.

Ben C.

Testimonials1  Testimonials2  Testimonials3  Testimonials4  Testimonials5  Testimonials6

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