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Scott’s Tarantulas has been my preferred dealer since getting into the hobby earlier this year (2004). His simple, clear, and informative website is what initially attracted me to dealing with Scott. Online purchases are very quick and problem free, none of that pesky e-mailing back and forth. To me, prices for guaranteed females of desired species seem especially good deals. Delivery date of shipments are known and always on time. I currently have seven tarantulas purchased from Scott, my favorite being a female Brachypelma albopilosum. All seven came to me in wonderful condition. I look forward to many more purchases with Scott.

Michael W.

I hope this is sufficient for the testimonial. I purchased a few tarantula's in February. Ordering and receiving them was not very hard at all. Later a few of them died. Not sure why. I reordered some of the same tarantulas. Got them. By the time I ordered them and received them it didn't take very long. The service was prompt. Also I like that I received emails inquiring how they were doing, If they were sent and received in satisfactory condition. Am happy with the service I have received so far.

Gina Q.
New York

I would have to say that I would never take my business anywhere else. Your customer service is 5 star. Your prices are the best I have found anywhere. You have always keep me very up to date on my current and kept up with my past orders as well. All of the spiders I have purchased from Scott have been to the utmost quality, and I am very satisfied with his web site. He is extremely helpful and very much cares about his customers. I would recommend his website over any others because of the above mentioned. Thanks for all of your help Scott, your the best, and the only one I will shop with.

Tom R.

Testimonials1  Testimonials2  Testimonials3  Testimonials4  Testimonials5  Testimonials6

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